Frequently asked questions

What’s a gluten?

Gluten is the protein in wheat and other grains.  


Why no gluten?

Because it makes a lot of folks sick.  A lot of people also feel better not eating gluten.


What’s a vegan?

Vegan means no animal products whatsoever.  No eggs, dairy, butter or honey.


Why vegan?

Like we said on the homepage, we don’t have to be vegan, but we feel that among the health benefits of a plant based diet, being vegan helps lower the carbon footprint that factory farms and the meat industry creates.  Also, lactose is becoming one of the most common allergies.  


And of course, we love vegetarians and vegans!


So, you guys got a storefront somewhere?

Not yet.  We’re working on it.  We are currently working from a shared kitchen in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.


Is your kitchen certified gluten free?

No.  We do share equipment that processes gluten, but not at the same time.  We use the kitchen when no one else does and sanitize everything before hand to minimize the risk of cross contamination.


We are working to move to a dedicated gluten free kitchen in the very near future.  Stay tuned.


Where can I find your products?

Check out the list here.  We also do cakes and custom orders.  So contact us and we can arrange a pick up for you at our kitchen or one of our weekly Farmers Markets.